The Joy Of Social Nudity

3 min readSep 1, 2022

Why does this attribute of selfcare still seem to be such a taboo subject?

Took this photo earlier this summer at Witty’s Lagoon, which is near Victoria, BC. Canada

Why do so many people fear, shame, and maybe even try to restrict this 100% natural way of being when they most likely have never even experienced it first-hand?

I realize that those of us that want to enjoy social nudity are most certainly a minority, however, does that mean we shouldn’t be heard and respected?

So why would we even want to practice social nudity? Why do I exemplify and promote it so emphatically? I believe it’s part of intrinsic holistic wellness, which is my passion.

To me it’s about the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Yes, I see social nudity as a key element of true wellness. I could probably write a book about this and maybe someday I will, however, this is to be a brief article that hopefully inspires open mindedness and provides some awareness for those of you that are curious and open to considering this healing activity.

Let’s start with the physical benefits. I’m not a doctor or scientist and I don’t have a bunch of references links for you. What I do have is this passion and some insight.

Physically, I believe it’s healthy to have a measured amount of sunshine, especially at certain times of the day, on our entire body, which I’d say is not common for most…




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