The Destruction Of Our Natural Areas

3 min readApr 15, 2020

Part one — Who will clean this up?

One of the many abandoned camps in and around town

Woke up this morning wondering how Earth Day 2020 will look?

Is the environment on hold, while we isolate?

This concerns me deeply. Its cleanup time and there’s only a very short window of prime opportunity.

The snow cover has receded and evidence of intrusion abounds in many of our local natural areas — most of which are now barricaded and no longer have daily visitors.

The buds on the trees are the indicators that soon this barren wooded area will spring to life with new growth and the underlying hazards concealed from man and beast — wait to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting passers-by.

Once the foliage covers most of these eminently dangerous elements of broken glass, sharp metal and who knows what else — this once pristine natural riverside oasis becomes like an abandoned mine field just waiting to inflict harm on those that dare to tread here.

Hazards abound and soon they’ll be hidden by foliage

This is a big concern that likely effects the animals most. Both the wildlife and our pets will certainly come into contact with these hazards and contaminants.




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