Reopening Our Parks and Natural Areas

3 min readApr 28, 2020

An essential service for our wellbeing

One of the few “open” areas in my neighbourhood

It’s a beautiful — early spring afternoon and I’m out for a walk in an unfamiliar area of a forest that I thought I knew reasonably well.

So great to be outside getting exercise and being immersed in nature. There’s no substitute that I know of. We need this!

I’m noticing just how many people are out right now and I believe it’s only the beginning.

Here in Ontario, Canada we’ve been in isolation now for over a month and people are getting antsy, just like anywhere else I’m sure.

I wonder what will happen when the temperatures get up to and over 20°C.

My concern is that these few areas, where it’s still legal to go out, will become overrun and that it will cause problems.

My prediction is that many people will just start going out in the closed-up areas. I’ve already seen it and have been tempted myself.

I think it’s time to consider how we’re going to open the parks and natural areas that have been closed for weeks.

Over 20k of forest trails, across the road — literally, that are barricaded now for weeks

I’m back on the main trail right now and there’s actually a lot more people out already. Should I be surprised?

I’m not, but I am concerned. As more and more people frequent these few small areas the risk of contagion will certainly increase.

From my understanding New Zealand has had great success partially due to the population being so spread out. So why would we want to shrink our available natural areas and create density issues?

I want to follow the recommendations of our government and health workers. I respect what they are doing and want to be supportive. Lives depend on it.

However, I do believe something needs to be done quickly. We need to reconfigure how we access parks and natural areas. We also need to provide education and guidance.

Read an informative article about slipstream and wind considerations. Basically to be aware/watchful of potential contagions at more than two metre physical distance…


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