Redefining How We Access Natural Areas — For Wellness

5 min readApr 9, 2020

Part Two — Essential For Our Wellbeing

Gorba trailhead April 7th 2020 — AREA CLOSED

I just went to a local natural area, which is close to home, and wanted to go for my daily walk in nature, only to find that it’s been closed off.

Dare I risk the up to $10,000 fine and now trespass where a day ago I took refuge? I think that the consequence might be a little dramatic and over-the-top, however, I do believe it’s important to follow the directive right now.

I understand that many people are fearful and that “snap decisions” are being made, because we’re not well prepared for this crisis — obviously.

So my questions are; why change what we’re doing, what have we learned so far, and finally how can we innovate solutions?

Why change what we’re doing?

From my belief, understanding, and experience — during times of stress and trauma we need to access nature more than ever. What better way to find holistic relief?

I believe access to natural areas could and should be considered essential for our wellbeing — especially during this pandemic.

For sure we need to practice physical distancing, practice proper hygiene, and we shouldn’t be out in public if we’re sick.




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