Integrating Attributes Of The Divine Feminine

6 min readMar 3, 2022

into my now former hyper masculine being.

Finale of winter’s slumber – with spring’s rejuvenation just beyond the horizon.

This composition is solely based on the current understanding of my inspired transformation. Please understand that I am only relating my personal experience and insights about this aspect of my wellness journey. I do hope this story brings you some value.

Upon finishing this article today I found what I consider to be a compelling poetic expression and I’ve been inspired to share a link with you at the end of this article.

I believe each individual’s life journey is quite diverse and as such can also be easily misunderstood, especially when perceived with judgement and criticism. Are you open minded and curious? If so, I’m excited to share the following with you and look forward to your considerate comments.

I’ve been on a transformative gender journey for the past few years and the inner changes have become far more profound than the outer appearance – to me, and I’m thinking to those closest to me as well. My transformation certainly seems to be effecting most of my relationships in a very wonderful way, though a few people that were close to me now wield judgement and have alienated themselves, for now anyways. Perhaps that will change.

That hasn’t stopped me though – in fact, it’s actually added fuel to my fire, so to say. I’m determined to evolve strategically and strengthened my resolve to continue my journey. I value diversity, adventure, and seek to learn and grow, which involves trying new things; like how I present myself outwardly and even more importantly living according to my value of being authentic. This seems to be a vital part of my transformation – overcoming the initial fear of rejection and taking inspired action in my physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution.

How I choose to dress myself, with mostly what’s considered or labelled women’s clothing and accessories, differentiates me from most guys. This may cause some people to label me as a tranny, queer, or whatever, which could even lead to discrimination and upset. That’s just part of fascist and archaic social conditioning and will hopefully disintegrate soon.


Curating the garden of my being 🌈 Reading and writing are part of that process to me.