How Guided Meditation Helps Me

3 min readJan 21, 2022

There seem to be so many different methods of meditation and countless experiences and opinions.

I’ve kept it simple and found what works for me at this time, so that’s all I plan to share in this brief article.

I’d heard about meditation long before trying it and had this preconceived notion that I had to sit still and not think about anything. I wasn’t able to do this on my own and gave up quickly.

I read some books and watched some videos that talked about and recommended meditation, which gave me the fundamental awareness that I had a busy mind that I couldn’t seem to control. I also learned about some of the potential benefits and that inspired me to explore some more.

A friend recommended trying the Insight Timer app and I’m so grateful, because this has evolved into a fundamental aspect of my wellness today. Just so you know, I don’t receive a commission or anything for referring you to this specific app. I only hope it helps you as I feel it has me.

What I like is that you can download the app and use it for free for as long as you want and there are no ads or up-selling. The free version is also quite feature rich. It allows you to select a specific type/topic and length of meditation. There is also rating and a brief overview of the teacher and their unique offering/practice. There are many other features as well, which you can explore.

It took me a while to get into the habit of doing this daily. I’ve found that meditating works best for me in the morning, before the busyness of the day takes over. In fact, it encourages me to get up earlier and integrate it into my morning routine, which also includes prayer and journalling.

Since incorporating this into my morning routine for a while now it’s become quite evident that my awareness has greatly expanded and I feel so much more at peace within.

It’s taken some time and effort to make this happen and it’s not necessarily easy at first, however, it has become an enjoyable thing to do in the mornings and something I now really look forward to.

Here’s where it gets really good/great! Once I’d developed the habit and basic insights about meditation, I made what I now consider a very valuable investment into my…


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