Good Friday — Reflection

6 min readApr 11, 2020
View from the bridge over the gorge April 2020

It certainly has been a Good Friday for me, so far.

Thanks to the efforts of some great people I trust and the Livestream capabilities that help keep us connected, I started my morning with a source of spiritual nourishment that I so appreciate and value.

Since it’s a special day, I want to spend some time in solitude and take a few moments for self-reflection. Where better than in the forest or by the water?

Woke up thinking about how my life has evolved. Thirty-six years ago on this weekend I was on another road trip and in California. Life was very different for me then and so much has happened since.

I decided to go check out a favourite hiking spot in a village close by — with the intent to compose another article/write a story.

I want to capture/imprint this moment in time and share the insights I gain through the day.

As I’ve recently written about, many local natural areas have been closed off, however, there are still some areas that are not barricaded. Yet? That’s a bit scary!

Right now I imagine many people are having Easter dinner together with family. Then there are those of us that aren’t.

My parents passed away years ago, my older sister is in isolation in another city, my oldest son is on Vancouver Island, and my youngest son is at home playing video games. I’m on my own.

Today I’m not working on my business and have nothing else planned. I feel I need some time off and this is the weekend for it. I’ve been very occupied with my work/endeavours lately to the point of even feeling anxious at times.

It’s more difficult, if not improbable, to physically see friends and family, at this time, during the pandemic and so keeping passionately engaged is a bitter-sweet compensation or coping mechanism.

It’s not any fear that challenges me. I’m not worried about money or this virus.

I accept that my previous business plans are suspended, for now anyways, and am doing what I can with what I have or can get.

My biggest challenge is that there seem to be so many unique opportunities arising. So many things that could/should be done and I want to do them all right now.


Curating the garden of my being 🌈 Reading and writing are part of that process to me.