Easter in Algonquin

8 min readApr 14, 2020

An inspired journey into serene discovery

An enthralling interaction

What began as a spontaneous adventure evolved as a respite of enhanced stillness, inspired awareness, and a unique intuitive connection.

Could consider it a dreary morning as we leave the neighbourhood. Glad it’s overcast and drizzling a bit as we turn onto the highway and head northeast on route to Madawaska, our destination on the east side of the park — to visit family.

Quickly noticeable how barren the roads are and how rare to see people.

Just got on the 400 heading north

There’s a lot of uncertainty to what we’ll encounter today. Will there be road blocks and/or restrictions that prevent us from going through the park? Are public spaces barricaded? Not sure, so to me there’s only one option. Check it out — just go.

We’ve packed warm clothes and more than enough food to sustain us for the day.

Since it’s a Sunday morning and we don’t gather — right now, it’s great to hear an inspiring Livestream Easter message via delayed broadcast from Frankfurt — as we continue down the road toward our destination.

So easy to take for granted the many cultural and technological advantages we have over our predecessors. Just as it’s possible to succumb to numerous fears about our current situation, we can choose to discover the countless benefits already emerging out of this calamity.

Many friends and myself have realized and expressed a deeper sense of gratitude for our community/relationships, a rekindled/reinforced relationship with the outdoors, and an appreciation of our political leaders. Glad there’s no chaos or panic in the streets.

We turn off the main highway and take a bypass route that weaves its way along the Lake of Bays. We only see the odd car sporadically and a couple out for a stroll roadside.

As we make progress on our journey there are many familiar locales, so sometimes we stop for a quick photo or to just look around and experience the moment.

One such place is Dorset and more specifically overlooking the smaller lake at the rest area. Always enjoy…


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