Easter in Algonquin

8 min readApr 14, 2020

An inspired journey into serene discovery

An enthralling interaction

What began as a spontaneous adventure evolved as a respite of enhanced stillness, inspired awareness, and a unique intuitive connection.

Could consider it a dreary morning as we leave the neighbourhood. Glad it’s overcast and drizzling a bit as we turn onto the highway and head northeast on route to Madawaska, our destination on the east side of the park — to visit family.

Quickly noticeable how barren the roads are and how rare to see people.

Just got on the 400 heading north

There’s a lot of uncertainty to what we’ll encounter today. Will there be road blocks and/or restrictions that prevent us from going through the park? Are public spaces barricaded? Not sure, so to me there’s only one option. Check it out — just go.

We’ve packed warm clothes and more than enough food to sustain us for the day.

Since it’s a Sunday morning and we don’t gather — right now, it’s great to hear an inspiring Livestream Easter message via delayed broadcast from Frankfurt — as we continue down the road toward our destination.




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