Devastation of a Dwelling and a Forest

3 min readNov 23, 2020
Such a sad and concerning discovery that impacts the most vulnerable

This site — a destroyed forest dwelling was a temporary home to a nomadic couple.

Wrote about Dean and his forest dwelling earlier this year.

The structure they called home is now totally annihilated and only waste remains — soon to be buried under a blanket of snow.

Maybe you’ve never seen anything like this when you’ve walked along one of the many community trails that weave through forests and along our rivers and lake.

These dwellings are usually deeper in the woods than many people ever go. In with the wildlife and sometimes where our pets may run to and through. Maybe even teens or others that are out exploring.

I’m adventurous, so I come across these sites frequently. The devastation is almost unfathomable and so sad. Each place tells a story of despair and leaves behind countless lurking dangers and contaminants.

It’s not a typical neighbourhood or a lifestyle most of us can relate to, however, coming across this situation evokes a heightened awareness of the numerous detrimental societal and environmental conditions and consequences.

My first thoughts were, are the inhabitants ok and who would do this?




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